Day 6: Halloween Feast (#30daysofhecate)

The kids did Trunk or Treat last night, so tonight we stayed home and shared ancestor memories during dinner. Afterward, we drank hot cider, listened to a “deep autumn” meditation together, drew guidance cards from The Gaian Tarot, and then all worked on a “witch’s ladder” charm cord project from my Sacred Year class. ❤️
The Samhain issue of the Global Goddess Oracle is available now.

Honey Roasted Vegetables
Here is our simple recipe for roasted vegetables. We’ve been eating these a lot this season (including for dinner tonight). Enjoy!
  • ½ stick butter (4 TB)
  • ¼ c. honey (more or less according to taste)
  • Sprinkle of salt
  • 3 large peeled and chunked sweet potatoes
  • 1 lbs baby carrots (one bag) or 4-5 large carrots peeled and sliced
  • Optional: half of an acorn squash, peeled and chunked

While you are cutting the vegetables, preheat the oven to 350. Put the honey and butter into a cake pan and set it in the oven to melt (about 7 minutes). Toss the cut up vegetables in the melted honey and butter mixture and return to the oven for 45-60 minutes, stirring/tossing every 15 minutes. Vegetables are most delicious when they have some browned areas and are caramelized.

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Day 5: A Tarot Reading (#30DaysofHecate)

wheelThe wheel turns. Our youngest son is ONE today*. His pregnancy and birth was so closely aligned with the wheel of the year and my pregnancy with him was an incredibly generative time for our business (I wrote and published the Womanrunes book as well as sculpted more than twenty of our sculpture/pendant designs while pregnant with him!) I can hardly believe he is one now! Instead of leaping right into my to-do list when he was napping today, I sat with my cards and my Divination Practicum workbook. I’m really enjoying the many ways my own course dovetails with the prompts in the 30 Days of Hecate course. Today’s assignment was to do a tarot reading using Joanna’s “Elder of Fire” layout. I did it with the Gaian Tarot (of course!) and then with Womanrunes. I learned from both layouts and felt like doing this was just what I needed today. I’d been feeling scattered, drained, touched out, and stressed. The kids are all sick and we’ve been what feels like nonstop busy and I’ve been craving down time, solitude, and space to think. My list is a mile long, but I made space for this work first instead of saving it for the oft-elusive “later.” This Elder of Fire layout feels like a really, really powerful layout to do at this time of year and I encourage you to try it yourself this weekend! I was also very interested to see that the rune of the day for me today was The Cauldron and then The Cauldron was also the first card for my Elder spread. That is very Hecate-riffic.

1. Offering: What or who is dead or dying, that you need to honor?

2. Challenge: What task does the Elder of Fire ask of you?

3. Center: Where do you find your center of power?

4. Opening: What new sweetness is wafting in on the scent of burning herbs?

5. Wisdom: What secrets do the ancestors whisper to you this All Hallows Eve?

Source: Elder of Fire: A Tarot Spread for All Hallow’s Eve

The results of this layout for me were:

IMG_8818and combined with The Gaian Tarot:


1. Offering: What or who is dead or dying, that you need to honor? The reversed Awakening tarot card indicates that what is “dying” is being controlling and rigid, unwilling to hear the call of spirit. The Cauldron reminds me that something is waiting to be stirred–to be brewed up–and that what is passing away is a time of confusion or not knowing.

2. Challenge: What task does the Elder of Fire ask of you? The Elder of Earth here asks me “to be deeply content within” while the Flying Woman serenades me with her call to action and transformation. Interestingly, I’d already inked her on my wrist this morning holding the Cauldron. Even more interesting is that the takeaway part of her message in the Womanrunes book is to spin, spin together in the dance of life. And…look what she is paired with…the Elder of Earth spinning on her wheel!

3. Center: Where do you find your center of power? This one was a little more confusing because The Canoe in the tarot is reversed, which doesn’t feel very center of power-y. However, I read the description and actually laughed because it says, “perhaps you are pushing too hard and have lost the pleasure of the project.” I have been complaining all week of feeling too pushy and like I’m “revving” too hard trying to keep up. So, The Canoe reminds me to paddle and float and steer with focus rather than drive, per se. I’m not surprised to see The Winged Circle show up here—I’ve been tight and closed in and need to remember to spread my wings and to shake things off, opening to possibility.

4. Opening: What new sweetness is wafting in on the scent of burning herbs? Justice showing up here makes sense too, reminding me of balance. So, what better pairing to balance out my sense of tight, driven pushiness than the Womanrunes card, The Yoni: Rune of Pleasure. This rune relates to creativity and joy. Yes, please.

5. Wisdom: What secrets do the ancestors whisper to you this All Hallows Eve? The Two of Air shows up here telling me to make time for silence and to listen to the whispers of my deep self. And, to “move at the pace of guidance.” In a funny, literal twist, something that I keep snapping about this work is that I need quiet. I crave silence, I have said multiple times over the last few days. The Rune of Prosperity shows up here, connecting beautifully to the tree imagery in the tarot card and whispering to me to rest and let sunlight kiss my branches.

After laying out the cards and journaling, I let myself page through the notes from my friends at my mother blessing last year as I prepared for my baby’s birth. It felt sweet and tender to allow myself that pleasure as I sit next to my napping now one year old boy, instead of immediately launching into my to-do’s, which is what nap time is usually reserved for (and indeed is usually the only sustained period of concentrated, creative energy I have in a day and even it is often fragmented by needing to pat his back or nurse him so he will continue napping).

My husband finished uploading Tanner’s birth video today in honor of his birthday. I know that not all of my followers here are interested in childbirth, but if you are, the video is here!

*Note: I keep saying “today” in this post because I started it on October 30th, which is the day it goes with. However, it isn’t actually publishing until the 31st, because it got really late before I could finish writing it!

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Day 4: My beloved dead (#30DaysofHecate)

 ’Tis the ancestors’ breath, when the fire’s voice is heard,
’Tis the ancestors’ breath, in the voice of the waters . . .*

I felt a strong connection today to the prompts about my “beloved dead” and to ancestor altars. My heart felt full and appreciative today. After a lot of thoughtful effort from my mom and aunt to pack them up for me and then a cross-country drive by my uncle driving them to me in Missouri from California, I now have my grandma’s collection of international dolls from her many travels. I didn’t expect to have these and I feel very thankful for the thoughtfulness and love that went into getting them to me. I set them up tonight which felt like setting up an ancestor altar of sorts. I added some small dolls of my own and was touched to see how many “matchers” there were in our collections–meaning I had one that I’ve kept since she gave it to me as a child and then she had a matching one in her own collection.

My 4.5 year old daughter helped me unpack them and get them all set up. Another link in the chain…

IMG_8803Then, I looked at the tops of my bookshelf and realized I already have quite an altar there. In the middle, there is a box with my grandma’s Dionne Quintuplet dolls + her beloved Hitty doll and a photo of her. On the other shelf is a case with some of my grandma’s Shirley Temple dolls as well as some of my own dolls. On top of that shelf is a drawing of my grandma and also a “four generations” photo of my great-grandma, my grandpa, my mom, and me. (My mom is very much alive, but the others are my beloved dead.)

Today also made me think of two of my past posts for Feminism and Religion:

An Epic Woman: A Feminist Eulogy by Molly

Forest Heritage by Molly

*From the song “Breaths,” lyrics by Birago Diop, music by Ysaye Barnwell, and recorded by Sweet Honey in the Rock. Listen to the song here. (via 30 Days of Hecate)

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Day 3: Stirring the Cauldron (#30daysofHecate)

IMG_8787Make for yourself a power spot
Bring you a spoon and a cooking pot
Bring air
Bring fire
Bring water
Bring earth
And you a new universe will birth…

–Shekhinah Mountainwater in The Goddess Celebrates by Diane Stein

Source: Shekhinah Mountainwater | WoodsPriestess

We held our opening ceremony for our Divination Practicum tonight under the full moon. Earlier in the day, in another perfect synchroncity with today’s 30 Days prompt, the Womanrunes card I drew was the Cauldron of Reflection. Perfect for this time of year, but also for me personally. I needed the reminder, and the permission, to rest.

This morning, in the Facebook group for 30 Days of Hecate, the chant above by Shekhinah Mountainwater was suggested as a perfect chant for today. One of her friends recorded herself singing the song as Shekhinah used to sing it and shared it with the group. Someone else found another version online (different tune than Shekhinah’s) and shared the link: Cookingupauniverse.mp3 (it begins at about 1:47). I love it! We sang it over and over tonight during our ritual and it was wonderful.

Shekhinah’s birthday was just four days ago and I wanted to share a couple of things. First, a birthday tribute from the Memorial Fund:

Happy Birthday Shekhinah! | Shekhinah Mountainwater Memorial Fund

And, I wanted to share the news about Shekhinah’s Tarot project.

“At long last, we have pulled together the pieces, the passion and the people to move forward with remastering and publishing Shekhinah’s beautiful Tarot deck. I’m excited to announce this on the night of October 24th, the day Shekhinah was brought into this word and took her first breath.

It has been challenging to get the wheels rolling on this project; no accompanying Tarot book was found when Shekhinah crossed the veil… As well, the cards themselves are worn and need remastering in order to be print-ready. Still, I did not want to give up on it. I know how deeply Shekhinah wanted to publish, and the incredible amount of study, brilliance and magic that went into the creation of her deck. And I also know, even more so now as I have begun the study of the cards, how important this deck is – to all of us… and to future generations…”

Dear Ones: At long last, we have pulled… – Shekhinah Mountainwater

I’ll be working on the book for this project and I look forward to carving out some time and space over the winter to focus on it.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I’m offering a free starter class in our new class portal at MotherHouse of the Goddess: Sign Up for Introduction to Womanrunes.

This all feels like stirring the cauldron to me!

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Day 2: Flaming torches (#30DaysofHecate)

Today is the first day of our Divination Practicum. This morning, when I saw that the photo prompt for 30 Days of Hecate was “flaming torches,” I thought: “what if I get The Flame today when I do my Womanrunes pull? Wouldn’t that be cool?” In the afternoon, I did a little ceremony to begin the course and what did I draw, but yes, The Flame! I just love cosmic winks.

In keeping with the themes of crossroads and thresholds and being “between the worlds,” I want to share a little story from tonight that is a reminder of how our “torches” impact others in surprising locations. (I teach on a military base.)

Me: drives up to the entrance to the Fort listening to “Amazon Warrior Princess” by Big Bad Gina.

Young army guy at gate: “that’s a cool necklace, what is it?”

Me: “which one?” (I’m wearing three)

Guy: points to the homemade spiral goddess pendant.

Me: “she’s a goddess.”

Guy: “neat. What does that mean? What does it represent?”

Me: has no elevator speech prepared that seems suitable for man with gun who is looking in the back of my car and inspecting my license. Say something to effect of, “oh, she represents honoring and celebrating life’s important transitions.”

Guy (enthusiastically): “oh! Could you make one that is a werewolf holding a moon?!”

Me: “we do make one holding the moon, but she’s still a goddess, not a werewolf.”

Guy: looks disappointed and sends me surreally on my way…

And, still reflecting on thresholds, on this day one year ago, I was forty weeks pregnant! I have now nearly completed a full “sacred year” with my baby…

On this day last year. Yes, I am wearing my same spiral goddess pendant from the story above!

*Blink* Suddenly, walking around dressed up like Draco Malfoy.

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Day 1: A Symbol of the Crone (#30daysofHecate)


…We arrive at a crossroads on our path through the woods, and we have the choice of three ways to go. Is that a mantled figure with silver hair gleaming in the moonlight we see standing there? Or is it a snag of old twisted deadwood? A bony finger is lifted to point the way. We have heard it said that Hecate, the Great Crone herself, is always found where three paths come together, and always at the crossroads of our lives.

Come, listen closely. Can you hear Hecate’s whispers on the wind?

— JPC, Gaian Soul Seasonal Practices for Hallowmas

I simply can’t resist the 30 Days ecourses from Joanna Powell Colbert and I’ve signed up for 30 Days of Hecate as well! I almost didn’t sign up for it, because Hecate makes me a little nervous—she’s actually one of the first goddesses I have had any contact with or exposure to, but I never pursued the connection. About twelve years ago, when my first child was a baby, I was practicing yoga one morning in the guest room and I “heard” the name Hecate whispered to me. I was only tentatively and tenderly exploring goddess spirituality at that point and had never heard the name Hecate before—I even got up from my yoga mat to look it up on the internet, because I didn’t even know if it was a real goddess name…

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