Day 4: My beloved dead (#30DaysofHecate)

 ’Tis the ancestors’ breath, when the fire’s voice is heard,
’Tis the ancestors’ breath, in the voice of the waters . . .*

I felt a strong connection today to the prompts about my “beloved dead” and to ancestor altars. My heart felt full and appreciative today. After a lot of thoughtful effort from my mom and aunt to pack them up for me and then a cross-country drive by my uncle driving them to me in Missouri from California, I now have my grandma’s collection of international dolls from her many travels. I didn’t expect to have these and I feel very thankful for the thoughtfulness and love that went into getting them to me. I set them up tonight which felt like setting up an ancestor altar of sorts. I added some small dolls of my own and was touched to see how many “matchers” there were in our collections–meaning I had one that I’ve kept since she gave it to me as a child and then she had a matching one in her own collection.

My 4.5 year old daughter helped me unpack them and get them all set up. Another link in the chain…

IMG_8803Then, I looked at the tops of my bookshelf and realized I already have quite an altar there. In the middle, there is a box with my grandma’s Dionne Quintuplet dolls + her beloved Hitty doll and a photo of her. On the other shelf is a case with some of my grandma’s Shirley Temple dolls as well as some of my own dolls. On top of that shelf is a drawing of my grandma and also a “four generations” photo of my great-grandma, my grandpa, my mom, and me. (My mom is very much alive, but the others are my beloved dead.)

Today also made me think of two of my past posts for Feminism and Religion:

An Epic Woman: A Feminist Eulogy by Molly

Forest Heritage by Molly

*From the song “Breaths,” lyrics by Birago Diop, music by Ysaye Barnwell, and recorded by Sweet Honey in the Rock. Listen to the song here. (via 30 Days of Hecate)

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