Day 2: Flaming torches (#30DaysofHecate)

Today is the first day of our Divination Practicum. This morning, when I saw that the photo prompt for 30 Days of Hecate was “flaming torches,” I thought: “what if I get The Flame today when I do my Womanrunes pull? Wouldn’t that be cool?” In the afternoon, I did a little ceremony to begin the course and what did I draw, but yes, The Flame! I just love cosmic winks.

In keeping with the themes of crossroads and thresholds and being “between the worlds,” I want to share a little story from tonight that is a reminder of how our “torches” impact others in surprising locations. (I teach on a military base.)

Me: drives up to the entrance to the Fort listening to “Amazon Warrior Princess” by Big Bad Gina.

Young army guy at gate: “that’s a cool necklace, what is it?”

Me: “which one?” (I’m wearing three)

Guy: points to the homemade spiral goddess pendant.

Me: “she’s a goddess.”

Guy: “neat. What does that mean? What does it represent?”

Me: has no elevator speech prepared that seems suitable for man with gun who is looking in the back of my car and inspecting my license. Say something to effect of, “oh, she represents honoring and celebrating life’s important transitions.”

Guy (enthusiastically): “oh! Could you make one that is a werewolf holding a moon?!”

Me: “we do make one holding the moon, but she’s still a goddess, not a werewolf.”

Guy: looks disappointed and sends me surreally on my way…

And, still reflecting on thresholds, on this day one year ago, I was forty weeks pregnant! I have now nearly completed a full “sacred year” with my baby…

On this day last year. Yes, I am wearing my same spiral goddess pendant from the story above!

*Blink* Suddenly, walking around dressed up like Draco Malfoy.

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