Woodspriestess: Outraged Ancestral Mother Prayer

Outraged Ancestral Mother Goddessgarb 002
fill my veins
with your singing

Sweep me up.
Stir my passion
until I might be worthy
of your chorus
of enraged beauty.

Embed your
call for action
in my feet
that I may never again
walk in thoughtlessness
or inattention
each step
a beat of your drum.

I will howl with you
in the hurricane’s roar
and the tornado’s fury

I will crack my lightning
and split my life open
gaze at the red pomegranate seeds within
and I will eat
Knowing that some part of me
will belong in the underworld

Lash the remainder of my heart
to hope
bind my heartstrings
around destiny
and open my throat
that I might bellow
on the winds
of change
and inspiration…

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9 thoughts on “Woodspriestess: Outraged Ancestral Mother Prayer

  1. I’m adding this prayer to your poem in my Goddess poetry collection. When I teach “Cakes” again, I’ll read them/lead them in the class (with your permission, of course).

  2. In fact, you might want to put this on the “Cakes” site for other women to use. I think it’s at UU Women and Religion.

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  4. Gorgeous poem…While I cannot resonate or embrace the “rage”, I stand firmly upon the passionate response of howling! Blessings!

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