Inanna’s Ascent

Inanna’s Ascent

August 2013 011

Tiny goddesses as gifts for my friends. See the crack in the chalice? We all go through the fire and get cracked by life, but that’s how the light gets in!

by Deanna Emerson

I have seen the piercing eyes
of the dark goddess
as she stands naked in the silent shadows
planting the seeds of vision
reached into the arms
of my deepest sorrow and
looked into the eyes of death
yet the world dance did not cease.
By the light of the waning moon
I have seen the faces
of the shining ones and
taking the sword of wisdom
cut the cords that bind me.

August 2013 003

Altar space. The untidy red strips are for the hopes/fears for the “Kali” pot (I use quotation marks because its original identity was as a bean pot from an antique store! :))

Armed only with love
I have entered the healing
power of the moon
drawing it down around me
to enter the sacred womb
of the dark goddess and
turning pain into power

I have returned.

(In Casting the Circle by Diane Stein.)

During our last Rise Up class, we focused a lot on the dark goddess and the idea of endarkenment. There is wisdom and nurturance to be found in our dark places. We wrote down our fears and hopes and burned them in a “Kali” pot watching as the smoke transformed fear in the crucible of hopeful creation. The next day, I found this poem marked in one of my books and I wished I’d had it available to read during our class! August 2013 009  August 2013 016

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One thought on “Inanna’s Ascent

  1. You said “There is wisdom and nurturance to be found in our dark places.” YES. I feel like ‘modern’ psychology has, in many ways, had a negative effect from its approach to the shadow side…as if we’re supposed to just run into the shadows and “fix” stuff and then get back out of there before something else bad can happen. It’s really crazy how society has turned against the gorgeous empowerment within the dark healing spaces.

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