Day 24: Deep Peace (#30DaysofBrigid)


Deep peace of an open heart to you
Deep peace of a wide smile to you
Deep peace of open hands to you
Deep peace of a quiet space to you
Deep peace of welcoming arms to you
Deep peace of an infinite hope to you
Deep peace of Brigid to you.

The prompt for today’s post was inspired by a classic Celtic blessing. We were asked to use a similar structure to the original to create our own “deep peace” blessing. I was working on getting supplies together for a mother blessing ceremony and the lines above are what came to my mind to offer.

We actually used the original reading at my daughter’s naming ceremony as a baby. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Day 24: Deep Peace (#30DaysofBrigid)

  1. Don’t you just LOVE Celtic blessings? My husband and I went to the candle-lit Celtic Service at our local church on Sunday. Sadly, they’re only 4 times a year, but 2 are candle-lit (Nov, Feb) and 2 are outside (weather permitting – May, Aug). They’re only half an hour, but there’s plenty of time for silent peace and blessing 🙂

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