Woodspriestess: Shakti Woman

Shakti woman sil11
coiled within
fiery voice
running snakelike up my spine
bursting free
in the language and poetry
of leaves and stones

Poems gather within me
coiled at the base of my spine
stirred in the cauldron of my belly
cradled by the bones of my hips
waiting until such time
as they spiral upwards
through my chest and throat
and past my waiting lips
speaking words
in patterns I’ve never heard before
and yet that waited inside me to be born.

Shakti woman July 2013 007
speaking through my mouth
caressing the planet with her breath
divine union
open heart
open throat
energy of creation

Shakti woman
I honor you
I carry you
looped loosely
like a belt around my hips
shining from my eyes
tasting your words on my tongue
and in my heart.

For several days after I wrote my Outraged Ancestral Mother poem and prayer other specific “character” poems kept coming to my mind. Prophet Woman was the first, but she was followed by several others, like Shakti Woman. For some reason, I felt like I needed some distance before they felt “safe” enough to publish.

July 2013 012

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4 thoughts on “Woodspriestess: Shakti Woman

  1. Exquisite poem. Good that you waited, following your sense of needed distance… (((Blessings)))

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