Woodspriestess: Shakti Woman Speaks


A special gift from Paola of Goddess Spiral Health Coaching

Shakti woman speaks
She says Dance

Don’t let me down
I wait within
coiled at the base of your spine
draped around your hips
like a bellydancer’s sash
snaking my way up
through your belly
and your throat
until I burst forth
in radiant power
that shall not be denied.

Do not silence me
do not coil my energy back inside
stuffing it down
where it might wither in darkness
biding its time
becoming something that waits
to strike.

Let me sing
let me flood through your body
in ripples of ecstasy
stretch your hands wide
wear jewels on your fingers
and your heart on your sleeve

spin with me now
until we dance shadows into art
hope into being
and pain into power.


A couple of weeks ago, I published a Shakti Woman poem and the above is the companion piece that I actually wrote first. For the picture to go with it, I just had to share my recent gift from Paola of Goddess Spiral Health Coaching. Isn’t she lovely? Earlier this year, Paola offered to send a gift to the first several responders on her Facebook page and I was one of them 🙂

I love the Willendorf Goddess and consider it almost a personal “totem” of sorts for me. I love that she is so full-figured and not “perfect” or beautiful. I like that she is not pregnant (there is some disagreement about this, I guess) and what I like best is that she is “complete unto herself.” She is a complete form–not just a headless pregnant belly, etc. I just LOVE her. As I’ve written previously, I have a strong emotional connection to Paleolithic and Neolithic figures. I do not find that I feel as personally connected to Egyptian and Greek and Roman Goddess imagery, but the ancient figures really speak to something powerful within me. I have a sculpture of the Goddess of Willendorf at a central point on my altar. Sometimes I hold her and wonder and muse about who carved the original. I almost feel a thread that reaches out and continues to connect us to that nearly lost past—all the culture and society and how very much we don’t know about early human history. There is such a solid power to these early figures and to me they speak of the numinous, non-personified, Great Goddess.


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2 thoughts on “Woodspriestess: Shakti Woman Speaks

  1. I love your Shakti woman poem! It really sings to me when I read it. I can see women chanting it while dancing around a fire.

    I also wanted to say thank you for sharing my Goddess of Willendorf image. I love that you love her so much. It really makes my heart sing. I will be sharing on my FB page soon but here’s a sneak peak.

    I’ve set up a Redbubble account to sell prints and other items with my artwork. In the link above are options to get Goddess of Willendorf prints. I was inspired by women like you who are selling their art.

    Many blessings to you Molly!

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