Woodspriestess: Forest Song

Bird song
heart songJuly 2013 001
forest song

melting on the breeze
dissolving into time

here is where to-do lists
fall away
and we sing
simply for the sound of it.

When I spoke the above, I had had a stressful day and went to the woods for that sense of cleansing renewal that I often experience in this space. I stood on the rocks and once again thought to myself, “I wonder when this is going to stop working?” I looked up through the trees at the sky and just as I did a great blue heron flew above me. I still had my camera open wondering, again, if I was going to see anything “new” on this day and so I snapped a blurry picture. It was very purposeful, winging its way rapidly past me and quickly out of sight.

July 2013 002 July 2013 003After the heron, a bat, and then a lightning bug. Exhale…

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