Riverpriestess: Lava’s Echo

Lava’s echo July 2013 173
river’s run
inhabiting my form
with ancient memory
each sense engaged

Breeze kisses skin
moves my hair
blood separate from water
only by thin skin

Bone close to rock

Child in arms
once inhabiting my body July 2013 155
by a few millimeters
of skin and muscle

And now…
here, together
in lava’s echo.

Today we got home from a quick little anniversary mini-vacation to Johnson’s Shut Ins and Elephant Rocks in southern Missouri. Our whole family loves rocks and these are some rocks! While at the Shut-Ins, which are formed from past volcanic activity, I had a little “poem” moment above.

At Elephant Rocks, which is where the pictures in this post were taken, we found this cool symbol that made me think of a spiral:

July 2013 168

And my husband made me a pretty new necklace!
July 2013 018Before you get in to the major part of Elephant Rocks, there were some cool triplicate stones.

July 2013 111Other pictures and more narrative here.

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