Womanrunes: The Two Triangles

Womanrunes: The Two Triangles. Rune of Focus. Analysis. Logic. Rationality. g00dbirth 020

When you draw this stone, the time has come to be decisive. To take action, to be assertive. To choose wisely, but to choose. Hone your senses, sharpen your awareness, laser in on that which cries out for your attention. Act with purpose, with determination, without apology. No excuses necessary. This is stone of clarity and understanding. A stone with clean edges and sharp vision.

You are safe and connected. You are free. Make your choice.

After recording about this stone, I stood on the rocks for several more moments and dialogued with the space itself. The conversation I had with myself, or with the woods, or with Gaia herself, feels too private or personal or possibly perceived-by-others as “silly” for me to share right now, but right in the middle of my words, I looked down and there was a snake on the leaves at the base of the rocks. I stopped talking and watched it. It moved off a little further through the trees and leaves and then looked back, right at me. And, it stayed there, motionless and watching me as I watched it, the entire time I continued speaking. I glanced down to shut off the recording and when I looked back up, it was gone without a trace. It felt like an almost mystical experience of communion.

Some more variations of color have joined the changing landscape of the forest. Purple and white! I couldn’t get a good picture of these, but I love them. So pretty.

g00dbirth 018Also, some new forms of white:

g00dbirth 015

g00dbirth 011I also took yet another picture of the overlook itself so that I could set it as my desktop background while I’m gone.

g00dbirth 022

Update: this project evolved into a real book!

The first post in my Womanrunes series is available here. The runes and the names of them come from Shekhinah Mountainwater’s Womanrunes system for which there are no written interpretations available other than the name and one word meanings. I’m engaging in a semi-daily practice of drawing one and then going down to the woods with it to see what it “tells” me–basically, creating what I wish I had, which is a more developed interpretation of the meaning of each womanrunestone.

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