Altars, Energy, and Travel

I’m finishing up my Ritual and Liturgy class at OSC and the final assignment was to create an altar for a specific purpose. First, I had the idea of re-doing my existing living room altar to reflect new focus and intention for the remainder of the year, but I couldn’t really get going on it. I am preparing to leave on a trip though and feeling nervous and stressed about leaving home (and my woods!). Suddenly, yesterday afternoon, the purpose of the re-visioned altar came to me cleanlyβ€”I decided to create a safety, protection, and connection altar to ground me in my home space and companion travel altar to bring that connection and grounding with me on my travels. I felt a focusing of energy and intention as I engaged in this process. It was a very powerful experience.

I chose items for the main altar that represented travel, the purpose of travel, protection, connection, each family member, and several reminders to carry my own priestess spirit out into the world. In the travel altar, I placed corresponding items connected to the items on my home altar (for example–a shell from the beach we will be visiting is on each, as well as an item created by or representing each family member). The items and purposes are described in the captions in the following photo gallery (to enlarge any photo just click on it and a slideshow of all the pictures will open up from there).

Today, I took my travel box altar and my two candles down to the woods. I lit both candles in the woodspace and then took one back up to the home altar, symbolically forging the link, the circle, between the two altars and the sacred woods. I returned to the woods, where I offered this blessing/prayer upon the travel altar:

These two altars are now blessed and consecrated by this holy woodspace. Witnessed by the air, the earth, the fire, the stones. The breath of my life, the water of my blood. They are energetically linked to each other and to the woods of my home. May they be strong. May they be connected. May they be protective. May they be joyous. May the draw rich gifts, long life, deep love, and great peace to us all. The link is made, it is energetically unbroken. Safe travels, protection, love, harmony, wisdom, guidance.

Remembering that we carry sacred space within, remembering that we carry holy truth within, remembering that our bodies themselves are an altar on this earth, and remembering that our lives each day are an offering. Remembering that we can cast a circle with the physical stuff of our own being.

Let this physical altar serve as a tangible reminder of that which we already carry within.

It is blessed and consecrated, it is witnessed, it is known. May it be so. Thank you. Blessed be.

Ritual and Liturgy is the twelfth class I’ve finished at OSC! I can hardly believe I actually manage to do this along with everything else. It has been a rich and deepening experience so far. I now have about fourteen classes and my dissertation remaining! It is doable after all πŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “Altars, Energy, and Travel

  1. I really enjoyed this post Molly. It inspires me to keep my altars more active and to share them on my Facebook page & my own website more. I am also thinking that a Intro to altar creation class might be a good thing to offer my clients. Anyway so many thoughts and ideas thanks to your post. Thanks again for sharing! πŸ™‚ Paola

    • Thanks, Paola! I have so many more ideas of things to write about than actually time to write them! πŸ˜‰

      • I know what you mean Molly! That’s why I know I will never run out of writing material for my Full Moon Share and soon the New Moon Share blog I’ll be doing for Sage Woman. πŸ˜€

      • I’m supposed to start writing a blog for Sage Woman too! πŸ™‚

      • Yay! I heard from Anne that it’s going to be a group of us. So glad to hear you are part of it too Molly!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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