Priestess Prayer

Here I am Goddessgarb 223
this is me
I am woman
giving birth to myself.

The priestess within
is shrugging off old ideas, old habits, and old patterns of behavior.
She’s stepping out, stepping strong, standing tall
lifting arms to the sky
gathering women
drawing down the moon
visioning the future
priestessing the temple
of her own hearth and woods.

I actually wrote this immediately after my little “pregnant with myself” poem from a couple of days ago. That post got long and so I saved the addendum for today, which is the one year-anniversary of my ordination as a priestess with Global Goddess!


Wireless meets woodspace for my ordination ceremony last year.














A couple of months ago, I wrote another priestess prayer and I saved it to offer on this day:

I walk a priestess path Goddessgarb 175
may I walk with presence
may I walk with purpose
may I walk with potency
may I stand in my personal power
may I protect
may I make possible
may I trust the unfolding of the path in front of me
the pattern of my days and life
the people I love

may the past inform me
and may I greet the present
with patient participation

may I protect the web of life
may I pay careful attention
may I pace myself
may I plan and pray
may I play and persevere
and may the plain promise of priestesshood
remain planted firmly in my person.

So, I didn’t fully get it until I got to “past,” but then I had to keep going with the “P” alliteration 😉 This morning on Facebook I coincidentally read the following quote:

A priestess has a foot in each world. She works with the *as above, so below*…*as within, so without* mysteries. She works ceaselessly to balance humanity and honors Nature. A priestess is not a witch, yet honors those who practice their craft with true integrity. A priestess is sovereign unto her Self. She is the female counterpart of priest…a holy woman who officiates sacred rites. She is an emissary of the Divine Feminine here on earth. And so it is. ♥

WellSprings Women added: “I like to think that each one of us is a priestess as we each help to hold a part of the space open for the others. Can you own that for yourself no matter where you are in your journey?”

I liked this reminder, because I so very often place pressure on myself to be perfect and I’ve noticed that accepting the priestess call has added another layer of something-at-which-I-try-to-be-perfect-and-when-I’m-not-I-feel-like-a-terrible-person-who-doesn’t-deserve-the-name. So, I liked this quote also:

“She walks not away from the fire…but toward it…because not only can she handle the HEAT…she contains it…and her fire wills forth the work that is meant to be in the world…” ~Anni Daulter Goddessgarb 050 Goddessgarb 101 Goddessgarb 130

I have a dear friend who is is wonderfully creatively gifted and she made me a new goddess priestess robe recently! You’ve already seen it featured in recent posts. I love it! She recently opened a new online shop called Goddess Garb and another friend (who is also creatively gifted) did a photo shoot to model the robes and sarongs last week (along with another friend who is graceful and lovely and who looked wonderful in the robes—you can see her in the gallery here :)). I got some of the pictures and thought they went well with this priestess prayer priestess-aversary post. My goddess-garb making friend is really important to me and was actually very instrumental in helping me feel I could “own” the priestess role and that I could step into it fully—she believed in me and saw me and what I was trying to do for our community of women and offered me reinforcement and encouragement when I needed it that what I’m doing for women matters and is worthwhile. So, when I wear her artwork, I feel that affirmation and encouragement. I also feel magical!

Happy Priestess-aversary to me!

Goddessgarb 231


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5 thoughts on “Priestess Prayer

  1. Happy priestess-aversary ! Thank you for the kind and beautiful words 🙂
    I like the quote you use from WellSpringsWomen about holding space for others. Relating it to our recent Rise Up class, and my resonance with Oya, I have always felt that was where my priestess service lay–holding space for others on the edge of transformation, helping them navigate Oya’s winds of change. I am honored to have been of service to you, my dear friend. You bless our local community with your intuitive, insightful service. I watch this blessing spreading to a larger and growing community through your writing, with the same joy and sense of “all is right with the world” that you feel about your baby chicks. With all that you have accomplished this year on your priestess path, I watch in happy anticipation of how you will grow, and what blessings you will bring to all of us as you do.

  2. Happy priestess-aversary!!

  3. I love the authenticity and joy and wisdom you are bringing ever more fully into the world. Happy Priestess-aversary! And Bountiful Blessings!

  4. Karen

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences with me it really helped me to understand myself and my true meaning of why I am here. I would love to learn more about being a priestess and my abilities. And my authentic self. Thank you again. For those beautiful and powerful poems.💖💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏

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