Woodspriestess: Bloodtime

Bloodtime 2013-06-22 08.59.09
womb time
rest time.


with potential and promise
sing with the planet
dance with desire
hold your wishes close to your heart
incubate them lovingly

gather up your resources 2013-06-26 16.03.46
gather in yourself
safe, held and loved

building power
holding power
collecting body wisdom
listening deeply

draw it to you
hold it close

emerge with strength
and renewal.

This is a time of powerful medicine if you remember to listen. 2013-06-25 13.34.33

Soft belly
no longer bearing children
I am pregnant with myself
ripe with potential,
possibility, power
I incubate my dreams
and give birth to my vision.

It is so hot and humid lately that I’m finding it challenging to fully enjoy my time in the woods. I feel slow, dull, draggy, like my brain is foggy and hot. I’m tired. Today I sat on the rocks listening to bugs and birds, watching ants and a little winged creature sit on my foot. I closed my eyes. I took some deep, thick-aired, humid breaths and I thought:

I cradle my own body here on sacred ground.
Celebrating all that she has brought forward into this world.
Pausing to honor the patient creativity of my womb,
the pulse of my blood,
and the rhythms of my life.

Thank you
holy one
thank you
sacred space within
thank you
hopeful spirit
thank you
embracing Goddess
of my heart and planet…

2013-06-25 11.50.06

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4 thoughts on “Woodspriestess: Bloodtime

  1. Diana Trejo

    thanks for posting this I needed to hear this I’m going thru a time when I feel like I have nothing more left so this is perfect it reminded me of my gift and how much more I have to give

  2. Marian

    Love your goddesses they are spectacular!!

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  4. Exquisite… “I am pregnant with myself
    ripe with potential,
    possibility, power
    I incubate my dreams
    and give birth to my vision.”

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