Womanrunes: The Whole Moon

Womanrunes: The Whole Moon. Rune of Psyche. Moon Energy and Mysteries. Cycles. 20131102-154503.jpg

Cycles of life. Cycles of living. Cycles of love. Cycles of friendships. Changes. Growth. Some things blossom in the moonlight. Some things quietly curl up and retreat. Hope knows the mystery of the night. Our hearts know the mystery too. When we try to speak it out loud, it is slippery and undefinable. This is a stone both of paradox and change. Growth and decline. Effort, possibility, potential, and surprise. What mysteries are waiting for you in the light of the moon? What mysteries are waiting for you in the dark of the moon? What wants to be illuminated? What wants to hide? What wants to grow? What wants to decline?

Watch for the thin sliver of a fresh idea. Watch too for the fading crescent of that which has run its course. Reach out your arms to the mystery. Stretch them as a wide as you can. Stretch yourself as wide as you can. And, even then, know with joy that you can never embrace it all. This vastness. This void. This grandeur. This dramatic sweep of time and place and power.

Hold on. She ebbs and flows. The rest of life matches the tug of the moon. New things cresting, building, towering, standing tall. Then, crashing against the shore, pulling back, fading away, gathering strength and courage, and returning again and again.

It is time to listen to the whispers of your body as she is tugged to dance in the light of the moon.


Update: this project evolved into a real book!

The first post in my Womanrunes series is available here and all others here. The runes and the names of them come from Shekhinah Mountainwater’s Womanrunes system for which there are no written interpretations available other than the names and one word meanings. I’m engaging in a practice of drawing one and then going down to the woods with it to see what it “tells” me–basically, creating what I wish I had, which is a more developed interpretation of the meaning of each womanrunestone.

The timing of this stone was perfect, because the change of the seasons is so dramatically in the air right now. I’ve been planning to do another daily post project through November. However, I’ve also been feeling constrained by blogging lately, so I’m not sure if I’ll move forward with that project or not.

Some more pictures from this fall day:


A rose whose cycle is coming to its end.


Empty hickory nut shell left behind on the rocks. I think something was resting and having a snack today.




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