Woodspriestess: Bad Mood

Angry 20130420-164315.jpg

and yet still
I touch the ground of being

touches me back

sun on my eyelids
wind in my hair
stone at my back

Earth holds me
Earth settles me
Earth hears me

bearing witness
to one another
in change
and possibility
in raggedness and decay
and in transformation
and purpose…

I have been in a horrible mood all day. I woke up with a headache for the third day in a row and it makes me foggy and unfocused and like I can’t choose the right words. Part of my brain is always 2000 miles away from home with my mom and grandma—I literally feel as if part of my spirit is gone there and it makes it hard to feel centered enough to write and to complete other tasks. Today, I tried to get ready for our annual craft workshop that begins next week and was frustrated and distressed by trying to round-up the supplies for classes I don’t really feel like teaching and for which I only have a tiny collection of students signed up. I felt like I should make another doll for my spirit doll workshop, but I just didn’t want to. I made it anyway and felt resentful, irritable, and in pain the entire time. And, like a genius, I also decided that I was sick of my too-long bangs (my mom usually cuts them) and so I hacked them off in the bathroom mirror using curved nailscissors—always a great strategy for an angry person with migraine-blurred vision.

The doll is a simple one that I envisioned as a sort of 3D scrapbook. I used an unfinished quilt square as her body and an assortment of pins from various “lives” and identities that have just been languishing in a box.



The quilt has some really lovely embroidery!

I also found an abandoned past project that holds some promise!


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2 thoughts on “Woodspriestess: Bad Mood

  1. debra

    so let us see the hair cut too.
    this is something i did many moons ago
    and then just let it grow long

    • My students today noticed–“there’s something different about your hair.” ;-D I’ll ask one of my kids to take a fresh picture!

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