Sunday Sabbath: Gather Life

Gather sunlight April 2013 019
gather wind
gather rain
gather earth

Scoop it up
press it into my body
soak it into my skin
embed it in my cells
play with it
wrestle with it
dance with it

This planet speaks in whispers April 2013 024
it speaks in roars
it speaks through me
and around me

Deep, dark
bright, beautiful world

Bathe my senses
in your presence
hold my body in your embrace
touch my spirit
that I might remember how to sing
and remain able to breathe
with clarity
and certainty
of enoughness

Gather hope
and gather pain
gather tears
and gather laughter

Gather it up
gather it in
hold it close
take a deep whiff
stare into its eyes
this is life.


I spoke this poem yesterday afternoon after my bad mood day. When I came back inside, I enjoyed a great post from The Allergic Pagan about Panentheism. I think whatever else I might call my spiritual leanings, I would probably be classed by others as a panentheist. Based on this woodspriestess experience of mine I’m actually thinking of changing my dissertation topic to a combination of ecopsychology-theapoetics-thealogy of the body, rather than solely about thealogy and the body.

Through a panentheistic understanding of divinity, Neopaganism seeks to unite Zoe and bios again, to reconnect the divine and nature, the eternal cycle of Life with all of our particular lives and deaths. This union is not a static identification, as in pantheism, but a dynamic dance between the two, Zoe and bios, Goddess and god…

via Panentheism: The Dancer and the Dance | The Allergic Pagan.

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.” –Aristotle

April 2013 034

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