Loving myself. (#30DaysofMay)

IMG_5196Sometimes I can be hard on myself about my drive to be “productive” and about not allowing myself time to rest. Today, I decided to acknowledge and celebrate that it feels really good to do hard work on something I’m excited about. It is exciting to watch projects emerge and take flight. It is fulfilling to have ideas and to stick with them, doing the work to birth them into the world. Rest is good too, but today, the love is in allowing myself to burn with feverish productivity and enthusiastic hope. I’m working on the finishing touches on the Womanrunes Immersion e-course that begins in June and also on the planning and preparation for an even bigger project, a Red Tent Initiation Program. I’ve been gestating the seeds of both ideas for a while, but they felt “too big” and almost scary. However, gradually, step-by-step they kept unfolding and I got brave enough to name and claim that, yes, I am doing this.

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2 thoughts on “Loving myself. (#30DaysofMay)

  1. Love this post, Molly! Funnily enough, I wrote yesterday about Trusting myself…
    I can’t wait for the Womanrunes immersion… I’ll sign up next month when I more pennies in the bank… Loving what you’re birthing 🙂 x

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