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My third guest post at the Feminism and Religion blog centered around the idea of Endarkenment. Here is an excerpt:

Mandala drawing from last pregnancy

It is from this dark space that we emerge—whether from our own mothers or from the more mysterious cosmic “sea” of soul—and it is to darkness that we return when we close our eyes for the final time…

I find that within Goddess circles the idea of “the dark” remains commonly associated with that which is evil, negative, bad, or unpleasant. The Dark Mother, while acknowledged and accepted, is often at the same time equated with death, destruction, challenge, trials, and obstacles. While I recognize that the concept of a dark, demonic, and destructive mother might too have a place in goddess traditions…I also think this is unnecessarily limiting and that the idea of the “Dark” in general is in need of re-visioning. It is not just with regard to the role or place of death within the wheel of life or the Goddess archetype that Goddess as Dark Mother and destroyer can be honored or recognized, but the Dark as a place of healing and rest can also be explored.

via Endarkenment By Molly Remer « Feminism and Religion.

The post received a lot of comments and some people definitely disagreed with my remark that in “Goddess circles” the dark is associated with that which is negative. I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!

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4 thoughts on “Endarkenment « Feminism and Religion

  1. If all of us refuse to walk in the Dark or with the Dark Mothers, then when the times come that we are forced to walk those paths, who will be there to guide us or when possible, to walk part of the way with us?? I have held the hands of those who are dying. I have even held them in my arms. I have told them it was ok to leave. I have been with people experiencing the dark night of the soul and experienced my own… We must learn that the Dark too is a part of life and a part of the experiences that Life will require of us. Mostly what I find are that there are too few people with the experience to guide.

  2. I have always treasured The Dark (as briefly mentioned over at F&R) and continue to experience ah-ha moments since reading your timely post. The view of The Dark by society, over-culture, and most people has always contributed to my feeling out of synch with the world … because I feel peace, joy, and comfort from The Dark, I feel depth of Spirit and enlivening Soul in The Dark. Thank you again for writing of Endarkenment and bringing new thought into The Dark Beauty of Gaia.

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