Woodspriestess: Real Magic

It might look like a straight row of saplings   April 2013 014
But it is really a new way of being

Patient life
Doing what it can
Living still while

Reaching out
In experimental majesty

Seen or unseen
This is real magic…

In the woods there is a maple tree that was uprooted in a storm several years ago. Rather than dying, it lives on, lying on its side on the forest floor. I’m fascinated by how it has sent out new branches, straight, strong, tall, and healthy, standing up from the trunk. If you don’t look carefully, it looks like just another row of little trees growing out there in the woods, but really they are branches standing up from their “base” of a trunk. It is leafed out all over now, small tender green leaves, looking quite happy out there lying down for a rest.

April 2013 009

The roots are still able to reach down and connect with the Earth for what it needs. The original upper branches keep the trunk propped off the ground, which keeps it from decaying (I guess).

April 2013 016

Little tree? No wait, little branch!

April 2013 011

Less magical…ticks are already out to play!

It was a rainy, stormy, overcast day and I took a couple of pictures of two of my favorite trees as the rain came down on us. I’m so pleased to see them leafing out high above me.

April 2013 023

The maple that grows in the rocks.

April 2013 024

The biggest oak in this section of land.

April 2013 007

See the little leaves?!

April 2013 021

Each day April 2013 006
offers new gifts
new mysteries
new discoveries
new promise

kissed with rain
and garnished
with dogwood blossoms…


April 2013 002

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4 thoughts on “Woodspriestess: Real Magic

  1. jeglatter

    Sooooooo beautiful.:)

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