Saturday Sabbath: Summer Solstice Redux

Summer solstice 2013-06-22 08.55.58

Look at what’s blooming
see what you’ve said yes to
and look carefully for that
which can now be pruned away.

The bounty is before us
we see it clearly
knowing that what we have sown
has borne fruit.

Noting that which is
beautiful and good
and that which has
withered in the heat.

Life is open before us
spreading its petals
dripping with juice

Sweet, simple
infinitely complex
and magnificent.


Last night, after picking five more pounds of wild black raspberries, I went down to the woods at dusk and found I did have a couple of more summer solstice words in me. I also worked on my content for my first post as a blogger for SageWoman magazine. I’ve been feeling really stalled out on it—like I’m afraid I can’t write something “good enough” and so I asked the woods for help. Luckily, they answered!

I’m excited to be featured in this month’s Full Moon Share from Paola at Goddess Spiral Health Coaching and I just barely finished some new goddess sculptures to add to my etsy shop in time for the Full Moon Share tomorrow!

In keeping with this time of seasonal change, I made my first ever set of goddesses depicting the four seasons!

20130622-185002.jpgI like them all, but my favorite is the Summer Goddess.

20130622-184949.jpgI made just a few more as well, including a butterfly goddess as a special request for someone who is grieving.

20130622-185018.jpgAnd, today my husband briefly took our toddler out in a kayak for the first time while we were at our friend’s house for a work party!

20130622-185030.jpgSpeaking of our work party, while there, we worked what felt like way too hard on scheduling several ceremonies and celebrations for the coming months—two blessingways, a summer retreat, a fall retreat + coming of age ritual, and of course, our ongoing series of Rise Up and Call Her Name classes. I struggled to fit it all in, but realized that this is what I want to do. I came back to the words I wrote last night and thought, this is what I’ve said yes to and it is bearing fruit. And, I like it. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Sabbath: Summer Solstice Redux

  1. Molly, I especially like the fact that your summer solstice poem reflects both the abundance and the withering of this time of year. When I was getting ready for our UU summer solstice celebration, I discovered that many traditions associate this holiday with the sun (duh?!) and with water. At this time of year the crops are in and it’s a matter of enough sun and enough rain to get through to a good harvest.

    And I, too, will be a blogger for _SageWoman_, just as I write column for it in print. And when you offer the _Rise Up_ class, you can listen for me singing on most of the recordings.

    • That’s great, Nancy! I first heard your music in 2007 when I trained as a Cakes facilitator. They recommended your Chants for the Queen of Heaven cd. I came right home and bought it–my first ever Goddess cd! 🙂

  2. C.Wease

    Really like the goddess statues in your Etsy shop. However I can’t send a message to you through Etsy, even though I am signed in.

    My question: How tall are the goddess figurines?

    Thank you!

  3. I’m so excited to see all the new goddesses available in your etsy shop. I hope a lot more women make their way to you dear Molly. And here’s to all of us SageWoman bloggers! 🙂

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