The Builder

The Builder

There is a builder
Here on planet earth
We see the creative gift in him
A gift given at birth.

Building hopes
Building dreams
Building families
Building roots
Building houses

Making toys for his children
and grandchildren
And a home for his wife

Loving quietly
But deeply
Feeling much
Saying little
Full of wisdom
And help
And with a taste for laughter

We know a builder
Here on planet earth
The things he’s given us
Echo in our days

Genes, memories, hilltop homeplaces
His legacy

We see a builder
Here on planet earth
His love is recognized
His gifts are seen
His wisdom is appreciated

We love a builder
Here on planet earth
And we salute him
In his infinite worth.


Today is my dad’s 60th birthday! In March of this year, I went to the woods and a poem about him emerged. I know it doesn’t seem particularly remarkable, but I cried and cried as I was speaking it! Some context…in the 1970’s my parents moved to Missouri and my dad rebuilt an old log cabin in which I grew up (alternative energy like solar and wind power). The longer we lived there, the more buildings he built—there are something like 30 buildings on their hilltop homestead now. He also worked as a carpenter for many years. He has a gift for working with wood (remember my woodspriestess beads?! :)) He helped us build our own house and more recently he has been helping good friends of ours build their house as well.

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6 thoughts on “The Builder

  1. Molly, this poem is a great tribute to your awesome Dad! We are incredibly fortunate to know him and you’re lucky to have been born into such a great family. Tom is one of the most genuine and giving souls out there, and we love him dearly. Your parents’ homestead is incredible and really inspiring to our own goals. Legacy indeed!

    • Thanks! I felt really moved when I spoke/wrote it, but re-reading it I felt embarrassed and like it is inadequate and/or not very good!

  2. Beautiful poem. It made me think of the Builder card in Joanna Powell-Colbert’s Gaian Tarot. Wonderful to have such a strong yet nurturing male presence in your life πŸ™‚

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