Woodspriestess Beads

April 2013 027

I see leaves beginning to emerge! I also see which trees are not getting leaves… 😦

My body holds a dozen prayers
who can grant them?
by listening and responding
and watching
and resting.

Hope song
of the forest.


This morning my dad showed up at my door unexpectedly and said he had an early birthday present for me. He said that because of what our family is going through with my grandma that he thought I might need it before my birthday. It was a string of what he called “woodspriestess beads” that he carved for me. There is one bead for each of the 17 species of trees that grow naturally in this part of Missouri as well as a series of beads made from trees that hold some kind of meaning or family connection for me. There is a bead from part of the wood in the house where I was born and one from the house I grew up in (log cabin built in the 1800’s). One from the tree we used to swing in when we were girls as well as one from an apple tree we planted together and a peach tree that grew from a discarded pit in the compost pile. One from a memorial tree we planted for my great-grandmother, and one from a maple tree my grandpa mailed to us from California and that is incredibly huge now (and my dad taps it for syrup in the spring). There’s one from my own homesite, one from the tree under which my third baby is buried, and one from the cedar tree that was the “topper” for the frame of our house. There is ash, Carolina buckthorn, cedar, cherry, dogwood, elm, hackberry, hickory, honey locust, mulberry, red oak, white oak, osage orange, persimmon, pine, plum, poplar, redbud, sassafras, and walnut. They’re a beautiful palette of meaning and a gift of love. A portable altar of the forest.

April 2013 023

April 2013 040

April 2013 042I was also touched by the acknowledgement and attention paid to my little woodspriestess experiment. Something that both my grandma and my parents have always been good at is paying attention to what I care about and am interested in and acting to demonstrate that they support it. For example, my grandma who never breastfed a baby and who actually originally seemed to think it was kind of an oddly primitive thing to do, snips out clippings of articles about breastfeeding and sends them to me and made sure to volunteer at the zoo table at a World Breastfeeding Week event just last year (the very same weekend I was working at one here, 2000 miles away). My mom subscribes to my blogs and crochets me Goddess of Willendorfs and fires my pottery goddesses and comes to my Rise Up classes. My dad sets up teepees for sagewomen ceremonies and doesn’t complain about late-night drumming and shows up for my solstice ritual every year and makes me woodspriestess beads. (And, when I was little he used to correctly ID what Care Bear was hiding under a hankie using only touch.) What a good life!

August 2012 005

Isn’t she lovely?! 🙂

Yesterday when I was driving to class, I was so impressed by the loveliness of the landscape that I stopped in the road to take a picture. How lucky I am to live in this part of the country and how lucky I am that this is what I get to see on my way to work!

April 2013 014

And, today my little baby’s memorial tree finally opened in full blossom!

April 2013 018

April 2013 030

Not picked, just holding still to be “pic’ed”!

4/22/2013—adding a couple of new picture of the beads with the final four species added.

April 2013 046 April 2013 047

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11 thoughts on “Woodspriestess Beads

  1. This post was the most precious thing I have read in a very long time… Your photo and poem are beautiful and drew me in – but it was the sharing of the love of your parents that really touched my heart in ways I cannot speak. You are blessed beyond measure, sweet sistar. Yes, she (Goddess of Willendorf) is SO LOVELY; and I adore the way your mother supports you with her tangible love). The woodspriestess beads (along with the meaning and connection tied to every single one!!) that your Daddy made for you brought tears to my eyes… Such love and thoughtfulness…. My heart embraces you…. as I stand witness with you of the gorgeous blossoming tree in memory of your darling child.

    Thank you for sharing your self so openly, so beautifully and soulfully with us, your unseen/unknown readers. I cherish your expression. May you be infinitely blessed.

  2. I am in wonderful AWE of such a gift of the beads of all the lovely trees that have blessed your life. AND that your dad had the love and gift to bring them into this is AmaZing. It is so wonderful! Wow! It is such an amazing thing to have been blessed with. Not only the trees themselves, but now this wonderful rememberance and token to their power and gifts. Blessings to you and yours.

  3. What a beautiful post and such a touching testimonial to the love you receive. I feel uplifted by it. Thank you for sharing it.

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