Facing the moon alone…

February 2016 030When all is said and done I think every Witch should, at some time, face the moon alone, feet planted on the ground, with only his or her voice chanting in the starry night.

–Laurie Cabot, Power of the Witch

I will never forget the first time I heard someone recite the Charge of the Goddess from memory. Bare-breasted, she strode around the fire in sacred circle at a large goddess festival in Kansas, delivering the words with power, grace, and confident resonance. I thought: I will do that someday.

In February of this year, we took a family trip to Dauphin Island. While there, the afternoon of the full moon, I February 2016 148decided that the time had come. I was going to memorize the Charge of the Goddess. First, I thought I would only memorize it a piece at a time. It seemed “too big” to do in a single sitting. I had it printed out on a piece of paper that rapidly became damp with the salty sea air. I drew a labyrinth in the sand with my toes, set one of my goddess sculptures at its entrance, and drew a Womanrunes card.

One stanza at a time, slowly I began to repeat the poem* aloud:

hear ye, the words of the star goddess
the dust of whose feet are the hosts of heaven..

Over and over, I said the words, letting them twine around my tongue and in the air, experimenting with cadence and rhythm. After I could reliably repeat one section, I’d move to the next, letting it build in my memory until I could put the two together confidently and then moving to the next.

I am the beauty of the green earth
the white moon amongst the stars..

I stared into the waves, listening to them rise and fall along with my words. My three older children dug in the sand. My husband fished. My toddler toddled around and then came to sit on my lap and nursed to sleep for nap time:February 2016 073

before my face
beloved of all…

I whispered into his damp hair. I felt in an altered state of consciousness. The words began to wind their way through me, becoming a part of me, embedded in me. I danced with them as I have never danced with another piece of writing. I felt them merging with me. I sang them aloud. I stated them fast and slow and I built, adding the next line and then the next…

for behold, all acts of love and pleasure
all my rituals.

I turned over hard thealogical questions as the words spun their magic through the air. What does it really mean that “all your learning and seeking shall avail you not, lest your know the mystery.” Do I really feel the goddess within? Do I find her within myself or is she only outside and if she is only outside, does she really exist at all? Tears came to my eyes: do I even like myself?

Two hours passed. My baby awoke and returned to digging in the sand. My husband packed up his fishing gear. The sky began to darken and spit rain. I stood and danced the words into the sand with my feet.

let your divine innermost self
be enfolded
in the rapture
of the infinite

I felt rapturous. I felt triumphant. I had done it. Faster and faster my feet stamped the sand as I called the words into the waves. I spun in circles with my toddler chanting and laughing and offering my devotion before the sea, beneath the moon.

the mystery of the waters
the desire in human hearts…

February 2016 179*I used Shekhinah Mountainwater’s adaptation of the Charge, originally by Doreen Valiente, as included in the book Ariadne’s Thread.

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2 thoughts on “Facing the moon alone…

  1. Beautiful post, Molly. It has inspired me to learn the Charge of the Star Goddess by heart, something that would be pretty easy, since I’ve heard it and read it out loud in ritual many times. But REALLY learning it, especially as you did, within a ritual, would be a powerful activity. Thanks for the inspiration!

    The thealogical question you raise in your post used to bother me until I realized that within an immanent thealogy, it doesn’t matter whether you experienced the Goddess inside or outside. I believe I am a part of Goddess, and She is a part of me. I believe in the immanence of deity. I am a part of the interdependent web of existence/of all of nature/of the Goddess, and She is a part of me. So from the perspective of the oneness of all existence, i.e. the immanent Goddess, the distinction doesn’t matter. It matters to patriarchy to make these distinctions, but I don’t believe it matters to us.

  2. Aradia

    Thank you posting Molly! You answered questions that I do not dare speak out loud when I am at my lowest points. I have known Her my entire life. She has always “communicated” what I have needed to know and feel during the Full Moon, yet lately lately it seems to have all faded away… I cling to Her like a child starved for her mother’s attention and love. Willing Her bright, luminescent glow to penetrate my 3rd eye. Waiting for Her response. How did I, Her devoted daughter, lose Her? Last night I searched for Her within the light of Her orb. Crying for Her to return to my spirit. I have never seen Her looking so big, so bright, shinning above the sea – as I did last night. And yet, She eludes me. SO SAD. All philosophical observations or helpful advice designed to assist me in living and growing in the spirit of the Goddess are welcomed. Thank you! Blessed be, Aradia

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