Day 15: Artemis and Wild Plum (#30daysofspring)

12321263_10209104088789364_4897407533215630399_nThe theme for today was “bow and arrow.” I was playing on the trampoline with my kids and just past sunset, I grabbed Artemis off my Maiden altar and went hunting wild plum trees. One of the most wonderful treasures of spring to me each year, I never get tired of taking pictures of their sweet, white blossoms. I actually discovered one, plus several spicebush trees, right behind my tiny temple too!

I like this picture because it feels like a, “do you see a face in the leaves?” moment and you can almost imagine it is just random magic…

1915668_10209104089429380_776432784581433681_nAnd, I may take nearly this exact photo every single year, but I don’t care. It forever enchants me.


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