Womanrunes Book and Card Sets!

What are you unearthing? What are you digging up? What are you uncovering? What is causing sweat to drip from your brow, your cheeks to flush, and your August 2014 011heart to beat faster? This work can be dirty. It can be long, it can be hard. But, you can do it. You ARE doing it. Keep digging.

Remember too that others are doing their own hard work, unearthing their own riches, discovering their own treasures. What might you be missing in other people and how can you work side by side, turning over your deepness together?

via Womanrunes: The Tool | WoodsPriestess.

Slightly ahead of schedule, our Womanrunes book and cards sets are now available! The sets are available directly from us via our etsy shop. The book alone is also available via Amazon, Amazon UK, CreateSpace, and Etsy (print and digital).

While it was intense and challenging, this work was an incredibly fulfilling co-creative process between my husband and me and it used both of our strengths to the fullest. When the decks of cards first arrived, I drew one and it was The Tool: Rune of Labor. How extremely appropriate! While I’ve been a writer for many years and have published a number of journal articles, magazine articles, countless blog posts, and even three short social service booklets and a miscarriage memoir, I completely underestimated the expenditure of energy required for a book project like Womanrunes. I am still in disbelief that I did it. It feels like a fulfillment of a promise to myself as well as a carrying on of Shekhinah’s powerful legacy.

I took the cards and book with me to the woods and thanked them for giving this to me. This book was conceived of and “written” in the woods, on the priestess rocks. I say “written” in quotes because it many ways it feels like something I received instead of wrote. Each interpretation was first spoken and then later transcribed. And yet, the result was still a book!

Thank you.

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7 thoughts on “Womanrunes Book and Card Sets!

  1. Nane Jordan

    Wonderful Molly!a labour of love,i’m going to order them – you are AWESOME, love,nané

    Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2014 04:18:34 +0000 To: nanay6of8@hotmail.com

  2. I think Shekhinah would be happy with the effort. They are awesome.

  3. Deb Hillman

    I have received my cards and book and have fallen deeply in love with them. I have runes and tried so hard to learn them, but could not…you see I was waiting for you Vision to come to completion. I have posted them on facebook and some of my goddess sisters have already or are going to purchase them. If you ever decide to do stones please let me know as I would love that too! Blessed be and much love!

    • Thank you SO much, Deb! They spoke to me very powerfully and I’m so honored to share that–I love knowing that you have now “received” them. That is wonderful to hear!

  4. Just found you via The Rainbow Way facebook group, these are amazing, very tempting ….think I might have to order some…

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