Day 23: Deepening (#30DaysofHarvest)

Today’s photo prompt was about deepening into the season. We’re definitely moving into fall. We went on our annual pumpkin patch visit today (can you see my little baby peeking down the slide at me?). Then, sorting and sizing winter clothes tonight (no small task for six people). Three garbage bags full of outgrown clothes are now waiting by the door for their new homes. Perhaps mundane, but these are the signs of the changing seasons and the dropping into the home-centered mood of fall. 

Clothes sorting can be like a hero’s journey. The descent. The stripping away and leaving behind. And, the weary, triumphant return. 

It feels hard to believe that just last year I was very pregnant at the pumpkin patch! The year before, I brought one of our first ever pewter goddess pendants for “show and tell” to my friends. The Wheel keeps on turning…


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