Day 22: Demeter (#30DaysofHarvest)

IMG_8161Our Women in the Wild inspired photo shoot last weekend thanks to Little Mother Photography felt like a nice response to today’s earth mother prompt.

I actually struggled to come up with a photo today for quite a while. I took a couple at my mom’s house as possibilities. One a palette of fall colors…

IMG_8157And one with my mom herself in it…

IMG_8158Part of the material in today’s prompt included this message:

Give no part of yourself to what does not sustain you.

Given that I’ve spent the last three days doing hard and largely unenjoyable work finishing up my current class, this gave me something to chew over. I start to feel very skewed and off-balance and tense during the end of the session. I start feeling like I’m doing things wrong, that my priorities aren’t in order, and that I don’t have “enough time” for all of my life, and that something needs to change. I get very irritable and strained. It is temporary and subsides when the job is done, but I don’t like experiencing it. This time, not only did I finish my work more quickly, I also became mindful of those old, familiar, unpleasant, exaggerated, feelings in the middle of the downward spiral and kind of laughed at myself about them. Grading papers does not feel like it sustains me. But, teaching does provide more than half of our household income and since grading papers is part of teaching, I guess in their way they do sustain me…

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3 thoughts on “Day 22: Demeter (#30DaysofHarvest)

  1. Onoosh Gahagan

    Molly: lovely photos. 😺

    I thought of you this morning when I read Mother Earth News, which had a nice piece containing a lot of things we all forget about relaxation. You might like it.

    For me (although I’m a lot older, and not as rushed as you are!) taking time for “simple” (Ha!) focused breathing/meditation is helpful when I get wrapped around my own axle. Given our recent flood event here in South Carolina, I have to stop and remind myself periodically right now.

    I have a green banner that says it all against a background of stylized trees: “Breathe.” 😸

  2. Onoosh Gahagan

    Pardon, senior moment! The piece was in Mother Earth LIVING!

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