Day 15: Mantle (#30DaysofBrigid)

Sept 2013 097

My friend makes beautiful goddess robes. At the 2013 Gaea Goddess Gathering honoring Brigid, I wore one of them to a guided meditation to meet Brigid. As part of the meditation, the facilitator brought around a blue mantle (real, not a visualization) that had been dipped in Brigid’s sacred well in Kildare. She blessed the mantle each woman present was wearing with the special blue mantle from Brigid’s Well, explaining that each mantle was now empowered with the healing energy of Brigid’s mantle.

It was dusk when I made it to the woods this evening, but it was important to me to take a picture there of my Brigid-blessed mantle in response to today’s photo prompt.


The mantle settles around her shoulders.

Sinking into belly, bones, and blood,

until she knows,

without a doubt,

that this is who,

she really is.

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