Day 9: Holy Well, Holy Water (#30DaysofBrigid)

…The pool stills again. January 2015 082
The sky blazes red.

The woman gets up.
Nothing seems changed.

But the next day a wind
blows warm from the sea.

— Patricia Monaghan, Seasons of the Witch

(via 30 Days of Brigid)

The goddess in the picture is my new springtime, watergathering goddess sculpture. To me, she is kneeling by the riverside, joyful that the springtime thaw is here and the waters flow freely once again. She is welcoming the new—the buds, the blossoms, the tender new shoots, the newborns, the vibrant wellspring of creation and delight.

In the Sacred Year class I am taking, we are supposed to be making and drinking crystal water. When I got the 30 Days of Brigid prompt this morning and it was about holy water, I knew it was time to get to work on my crystal water! While I have an open mind about some things, I confess that gem elixirs and related ideas are definitely not one of them (they raise my “hokeylicious” alarm), so I was actually thinking of skipping the crystal water assignment. The synchronicity between the two totally different classes made me think it was a perfect time to do it after all though. While I don’t know that I will continue drinking this water every day for a year, I certainly enjoyed it today:


IMG_2349I am open to joy.

(and patience. Patience too)

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3 thoughts on “Day 9: Holy Well, Holy Water (#30DaysofBrigid)

  1. I’m a subscriber but I never commented. Just to let you know that I’m loving this series. Thanks ❤

  2. Catherine Hoff

    Dear WoodsPriestess~ Sending gratitude to you for your inspirational blog. I so enjoy your images, poetry, and words of wisdom. Your posts always arrive at the most perfect time!

    Please, if you would, might you share some information about the Sacred Year course you referenced in this latest piece? Unfortunately, I was too late to partake of the 30 Days of Brigid offering–although I am living vicariously through you regarding this :). However, I would like to check out the Sacred Year class to see if I can get on board at this late date.

    Many Blessings~Catherine Hoff

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