Winter Solstice Playlist

December 2013 064

I was trying to take a different picture in the woods tonight and I believe this is actually a picture of my hair? Thought it seemed oddly suitable for tonight’s post.

Recently I told this little story on my Facebook page about my toddler daughter—I have a Goddess playlist that I usually listen to when I take a shower (among other times). A couple of weeks ago when I got out, the song playing was The Dark by Mary Grigolia from the Rise Up and Call Her Name CD. I really took comfort from this song during my miscarriages and it still feels meaningful to me. The refrain is: “it is dark, dark, dark inside.” My little girl came in and listened for a minute and said: “why her not turn lights on her house? Her say it dark inside!” Anyway, I got a comment asking me to please share my playlist. That is definitely on my to-do list, but tonight I feel like sharing my winter solstice playlist instead! We have a lot of plans and activities coming up in the next couple of weeks and it is time to break out my winter solstice playlist rather than my goddess playlist. A couple of years ago after one too many renditions of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, I decided I had to locate some holiday music that was more in keeping with our family’s own spirituality. So, I searched and I looked and I found the Dolmen’s Winter Solstice album on Amazon music as well as Jaiya’s Winter Solstice album. Some I like a lot better than others (I like upbeat things better than soulful wailing, generally), but here they all are anyway:

My favorite ones are definitely those by the Dolmen, especially Golden Sickel Sunrise, Frosty Solstice Morn, and Bringing the Outside In. The Jaiya ones are more wail-y as well as more traditional (i.e. “God send ye a happy new year”). Invocation to Mother Holle by Ruth Barrett is more of a chant and so might work for a group.

As I was typing this I decided to buy Kellianna’s song Brighid’s Flame on itunes. It isn’t quite a solstice song, but it is about winter and so I’m adding it to my playlist! 🙂

Other suggestions gratefully welcomed. This is all I have!

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2 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Playlist

  1. Duffy DeMore

    I too made a winter solstice playlist. I like Sarah McLaughlin A Song for a Winters Night.

  2. “God Rest Ye Unitarians” is one of my favorites (not recorded). It goes like this:

    God rest ye Unitarians,
    Let nothing you dismay.
    Remember that there is no proof
    There was a Christmas Day.
    For Christmas really started as
    A pagan holiday.

    (Chorus) Oh, glad tidings of reason and fact.
    Reason and fact.
    Glad tidings of reason and fact.

    No wise men traveled from the East,
    The journey’s far too long.
    There were no shepherds in the fields,
    The time of year’s all wrong;
    We don’t believe in angels,
    That rules out the angels’ song.


    We’re too sophisticated to
    Believe in tales so old.
    We know that human avarice means
    Too much bought and sold.
    We only celebrate because
    This season is so cold.


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