I make the effort

I make the effort December 2013 006
to maintain a ground of oceanic silence
out of which arises the multitude
of phenomena of daily life.

I make the effort
to see and passionately open in love
To the spirit that infuses all things.

I make the effort
to see the Beloved in everyone
and to serve the Beloved through everyone
(including the Earth)

I often fail in these aspirations
because I lose the balance
between separateness and unity,
and I feel afraid.

But I make the effort.

–Ram Dass (via Letters to my Daughters by Beth Sage-Owens)

It was pretty silly of me to plan a new blog-every-day experience while simultaneously entering the heaviest workload of the school session. I made this commitment to myself to show up though and so I’m doing it, even though it basically feels ridiculous to expect of myself and I’m not sure that what I’m sharing in these hastily banged out little posts actually has any value to anyone else! The school session ends on Saturday though and the rest of December will be ahead of me to continue my experiment/experience as well as turning my attention to my thesis (this month of posts was kind of going to be my wrap-up “lessons” from a year in the woods). I came to the computer wondering if I already had anything in my drafts folder I could use today, in my own best friend style, and behold, I did. This poem that I copied from a book at the beginning of October. And, it was pretty appropriate for today πŸ™‚ After the GGG this Sept., one of the women I met there offered to mail me a book of her past writings and newsletters and this poem caught my eye and I saved it to use someday.

I visited the woods very hurriedly today because I was getting ready to leave and drive to class on potentially icy roads. I said, “I’m just going to take a picture and leave!” BUT, guess what? I could see both the moon and sun from the same spot (I had to move around a little) and the light in the woods was beautiful. And, as always, it restoreth my soul.

So, this is what I’ve got to offer tonight, nothing more, nothing less. I make the effort.

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3 thoughts on “I make the effort

  1. I love your post today! I always look forward to receiving your daily posts. Since I’m on the other end of the world (South Africa), I receive them early in the morning, so its the first thing that i’ve been reading after my morning meditation lately. I don’t have access to any woods, but I’ve been doing a similar practice connecting with my garden daily, as well as parks and other wild nature spaces whenever time allows. After living in an apartment with no garden for 7 years, this year has been a true blessing filled with the mystery and essence of the Divine feminine and Mother Nature. So your blog posts are often a point of inspiration and offer interesting insights. ❀

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