Winter Rose

December 2013 022

Snowy rose.

It takes patience to photograph a rose

it take patience to grow a thorn

it takes patience to be a rosebush

it takes patience to be born.

Snow has fallen in the forest and the air is cold and misty.

Throughout the summer and fall, I took pictures of my rosebush by the back deck, focusing on one rose specifically that I took pictures of throughout its lifespan as a sort of in-depth study of its bud, bloom, full flower, and decline. I meant to do a post about the life cycle of a rose and include all the pictures as well as my sense of connection through it to the larger cycle of life, endlessly repeated. The moments passed and I never wrote the post, but today one small piece of what I thought one day as I tried to take a picture of it came back to me as I stood on the rocks. In the breeze, it is hard to steady the bush enough to take a non-blurry picture. Trying to steady it and thinking I would have to give up on getting a clear picture, I snagged my finger on a bramble and I thought about how patience is required for both tasks.

Here are some of those rose pictures:

And, here are some of today’s snowfall. The Wheel keeps on turning and I keep on watching (and living it).

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6 thoughts on “Winter Rose

  1. Tony/Terra

    I just read Molly Remer’s writing of Prostitution. About male power. Did she forget something? He pays for the sex. There is a woman involved. She asks for money and she gives him sex. This is not rape!
    Just like when I got divorced. The Judge (female by the way) gave my ex most all my money and just about everything I worked for in the 22 years we were married. Now that is power. Now that is prostitution.

    What struct me more is at the end the words “If your a person that believes in Equality”

    Here is what I see, Most of the wrings here as with most of the big goddess ladies, have taken the GODDESS and made it a reverse of the Patriarchal male God! Where they make the women less of a human being. Now the man becomes the lesser of a human being. Equality!


    • I’m not sure what your comment is in reference to? It doesn’t have anything to do with the post you are commenting on? Are you talking about a different post from me on a different blog?

      I feel from the content of your post that you misunderstand the difference between feminist critiques of patriarchy as a social system and personal critiques of men. Patriarchy is a social structure that badly hurts both men and women. Goddess thealogy IS about equality and has no interest in women being “dominant” over men. That reflects a grievous misunderstanding of thealogical reasoning.

      • Tony/Terra

        Molly Romer was a piece on your sight!

        The male religious god is part of a social system of Patriarchy. Just as it is part of our government today with all the religious arguments of abortion, reproductive rights, rape, Relgious holiday’s, Christmas public displays of Christmas, prayer in public schools. All are a part of the religious/social systems.

        “The GODDESS religion is about equality,”

        but most practices and on line information is about Women only.. About women practice and keeping men away. This is not equality.
        Any practice that bans women or men is a dominant structure. Any society that bans any gender from being who they are is part of a social structure. Any time a man kept from doing something reserved as female only is a system of dominanting. If it is ok for one to do it has to be ok for the other. i.e. if women can wear men’s clothes it has to be ok for a man to wear and take part in the women’s world.
        Any women’s organization can include females only, but men cannot have men’s only because it is seen as discrimatory is dominant. Hench any time you have a women’s only groups you are hurting both women and men. You are in practice of being dominant. Religion is intertwined in our social structure. Religion has a dominant over people. Your pratcice is more then a feminist critigue of patriarchy, it is the same as the males you are critiguing. You are doing the same thing the men have been doing. This is what I am talking about when I say we need true equality. What is good/ok for one has to be good/ok for both sides. Since the feminist movement began it has not changed at all. It still has the words and content of the begining’s. What do you expect?

        The GODDESS feminist movement was started to reverse the discrimination of women. It moved that it was to only include women. Read Z Budapest. “The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries” for one.
        I may not have moontime, but I do a monthly moontime by honoring a 28 day cycle with a banner on my front of my home. It so intunes me to the cycles of women.

        Sage Women has only women, about women, for women.

        That reflects a grievous misunderstanding of thealogical reasoning.

        In the bible women are to be quiet, under the man. Cover their heads, rules apply only to women. Men are free to do as they see fit, after all god gave them control over women. Women are born of a man, not the other way around. (Why do you think the female breast have to be coverd?)

        Now is the time we both can proceed to equality in the genders. Quit talking equality and make it happen. We tell our daughters they can do anything they want, female power, you go girl! but we do not tell our sons they can be whom they want. They have to play with male things , boys do not wear dresses or skirts, boys do not wear this necklace, boys do not cry, that shows weaknes. we laugh at a man in a women’s garment but allow women to wear whatever they please remeber Tatto’s? Those were men only not to long ago. This is not equality. Women have the power to help change this. In our sons, this is when equality will become a reality. When both genders are free to wear/do as we see in our life.
        Bashing each other is not working. It is in fact status quo. There is nothing off limits to women but so much is off limits to men. We are still using words like that gay, wierd, disgusting. Which sounds like it is so terrible that we are made out to be child molesters, rapist, less of a human being because we wear an article of women’s clothes or something feminine. That is not equality.
        The GODDESS movement has gained momentive, a lot of men are coming around. You want more involved then involved men. In ALL the pratices not just where you want him to be.

        In not doing so, you are just as equal as Patriarchy.

      • I finally figured out what you’re commenting on! You’re talking about an article that I shared on my ScoopIt page (my feed for ScoopIt runs down the sidebar of this blog). I didn’t write it, I shared a quote from it as a “food for thought” type of thing. It was about Justin Bieber and prostitution. I share many articles and many quotes as a way to save them for future reference, further thought, for use in my papers or for classes, etc.

  2. This is so beautiful……..

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