Woodspriestess: Green Surprise

May 2013 012

Looked dead to me, but wait…!

Small, glorious miracles surround.
Green leaves on supposed dead branches.
Life works so hard
is so beautiful.
of neverending transformation
the tiny observer
sitting at its feet.

The woods continue to offer new surprises and things to notice! I wonder if this really will keep up all year? They haven’t let me down yet and I’ve learned so much during the five months of my daily experiment so far. Today, it was the “dead” trees that I’ve been sad to see and have been mentally marking to cut down for firewood. Not so fast! Three of them actually have some leaves on some of their branches now. They’re obviously not fully healthy trees and definitely are on the decline, but they are not actually dead yet after all!  May 2013 015And, the turtles are out! Spied this fellow on the driveway while taking my kids to visit my parents. He hissed at us, but we enjoyed making his acquaintance anyway. 🙂

May 2013 011

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