Day 1: The Coming of Autumn (#30daysofharvest)


Today is the first day of Joanna Colbert’s new 30 Days of Harvest ecourse. I’m traveling for the rest of the week (Gaea Goddess Gathering in Kansas!) and will have limited to no cell phone access, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with my usual 30 Days practice of blogging every day of the course, but here’s a quick post to start it off anyway!

September roses always feel extra special and beautiful to me, the last roses of the year. 

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5 thoughts on “Day 1: The Coming of Autumn (#30daysofharvest)

  1. And the smell when you happen to pass next to them… A true gift.

  2. Gorgeous photo, Molly!
    And yay, I’m doing it too 🙂

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