Day 6: Keeping Vigil (#30DaysofBrigid)

…I keep vigil for the mothers who laugh
and the mothers who cry
the mothers who sing
and the mothers who moan
the mothers who need
and the mother who give
the mothers who triumph
and the mothers who “fail.”

I keep vigil for the mothers
who try again

I keep vigil
for the mothers of the world

I keep vigil
for the women of the world

I keep vigil
to the fire
in my heart…

via I Keep Vigil to the Fire in My Heart – PaganSquare –


I feel a special connection to Imbolc and this time during the Wheel of the Year since it is also the anniversary of Brigid’s Grove, our sculpture and goddess jewelry company. In celebration, a new handout on “how to draw a calamoondala” will go out to e-newsletter subscribers in early February (free Womanrunes e-kit and newsletter sign-up is available on our site).

January 2015 001

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One thought on “Day 6: Keeping Vigil (#30DaysofBrigid)

  1. I’m loving these daily emails, Molly! Looking forward to Imbolc tomorrow, then the Full Moon. So happy to say goodbye to January – always THE longest month for me…
    Bring on the Light, dear Brigid ❤

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