Woodspriestess: Tiny Flowers

Little world April 2013 003
springing up
right before my eyes

observed or not

Carrying out
a small, colorful
glorious function
in the tapestry of life.

Tiny flowers know
that hope blooms eternal
pushing the way
through cracked stone
rebirthing the Earth

What is a seed
but a miracle
right in front of me

What am I
but a miracle
to be seeing this right now…


I am in love with the tiny flowers of springtime. Every year there is such a thrill of discovery and a sense of tiny, basic miracles when I see the new surprising that the land has to offer. They’re often so small as to be overlooked unless you’re paying attention. I love that they’re already there. I don’t have to plant or water them or worry about them, I just get to see them. There is such diversity in the types that bloom and it seems like each month has a new gift to offer and something new to discover. At my parents’ house and at my own, I love watching the spontaneous unfolding of new colors in the field and grasslands, unimpressed with whether they have human observers or not, just doing their tiny flower thing.



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