Woodspriestess: Trees

March 2013 030

Loved the way the clouds were in layers with trailing connections today.

To my lips
a prayer comes
thank you
I see.

Today, I read a gorgeous article by Jane Goodall about trees in the Smithsonian magazine. When I went down to the woods this afternoon I was thinking that I’m getting pretty tired of not seeing any green around here. I’m ready for the woods to look drenched in color again. Then, I noticed some things…

Buds on the memorial tulip poplar we planted post-babyloss:

March 2013 033

Trying to take a picture of the buds, but got photo-bombed by dog and cat instead.

 Weird, curly black mushrooms on a dry branch: March 2013 034 Moss…it’s green!March 2013 035
I also looked around at the trees surrounding the rocks that form such a nice “sacred grove” and I’m still worried that several of them did not survive last summer’s drought. I’m looking forward to them leafing out and coming back, but there is a part of me that is scared to see, as spring dawns, which of them might not leaf out.

This tree is right in my line of sight from my favorite rock and it is one of my favorite trees out there because it is so big and eye-catching. I really, really hope it made it and I look forward to being able to take a picture of its first green leaves…
March 2013 036

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