Guest Posts!

I’m pleased and excited and proud to have a guest post on the Feminism and Religion blog today! The article is about theapoetics–discovery of the Goddess through poetry and direct experience. As I note in the comments, I think I might be the first person to use the term “theapoetics” (instead of theopoetics) in this manner and that is extra exciting to me.:)

I had a guest post on The Divine Feminine blog this weekend also. This one is about defining Goddess. I have lots more to share about this subject saved in my drafts folder waiting to eventually see the light of day.

These topics feel tender/vulnerable to me and I don’t actually feel “safe” sharing the links on my personal Facebook page the way I usually do when I have articles published. I also asked that my last name not be used on the defining Goddess one. Why publish work that I feel tender about? I have no freaking idea. I just feel like I MUST. It is a compulsion almost. To write, to share, to tell about it. Even when it is scary. I have said before that I’m not a risk taker. But, I then realized that is only in the sense of not taking risks like going sky-diving—in my personal, spiritual, emotional, and academic life, I take risks all the time. I’m brave!


Wildflower I noticed yesterday in the vineyard–both tender and brave 😉

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