My Explanation…


My little farm baby in the field

My Explanation
Pick up a stone.
Hold it in your hand.
Feel the vibration?
Pick up a leaf.
Trace the vines.
Feel the life?
Climb a tree.
Trust the sturdy branches.
Feel the stability?
Go out side right before a storm.
Hear the thunder, watch the lightning.
Feel the energy building?
Lie down in a field on a cool day when the sun is shining.
Feel it surround you with warmth and safety?
Stand up and turn around in circles.
Feel the wind rush through your hair.
Feel the spirit?
Go out to that same field at night when the moon is full.
Let the moon light guide your way.
Feel the magic?
As you look up to the sky
and count the stars
know that they hold no prejudice, no hate, and no judgment.
Know that you have a home in the universe (which means
one song)
as long as you know that you are a part of all that
surrounds you
and all that surrounds you is a part of you.
The vibration you felt in the rock,
the life in the leaf,
the stability of the tree,
the energy of the storm,
the warmth of the sun,
the spirit in the wind,
the magic of the moon,
and the unconditional love of the stars,
know those are your gods and goddesses,
and the earth is your bible.
Everything possesses a spark of divinity, including you.
You need to look no further than the world around you,
or your own mirror
to find God(dess) and know where you belong.
That is my religion.
–Diana “Sollitaire” H. in Talking to Goddess


Wildflower in the field

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