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Misty Morning

This is your wildness IMG_3455
don’t sell it.
Raindrop on plum branch
Leaning oak
Mist rising through branches
Squirrel conversation
Forest song.
Life’s pulse
Weaving you into the world

Since welcoming a new baby into my life as well as continuing to develop several other projects (hello, dissertation!!!), I’ve found the hours in the day increasingly short and tight. This morning, I looked out the window of our workroom into the woods and saw the foggy woods and the sun shining through the misty air and I knew I had to drop everything and get to the woods. It was beautiful and even though it “slows me down” to head out there when I was so many other things I want to do and a limited time frame in which to do them (nap times are precious!), it is actually exactly what I need.

IMG_3453When we cut trees in the woods several months ago, one of my favorite rocks on the path disappeared. I knew where it was supposed to be, but surmised someone either kicked it aside or it had gotten pushed underground (or even broken) when some of the wood was dragged out. (This tree cutting, while necessary, still hurts my heart to see the destruction in my sacred little grove.) Today, after watching the fog lift, I stopped on the path and “felt” for the stone that I liked. I brushed some fallen leaves away and there she was!

IMG_3461I am so enjoying the signs of spring and the warming temperatures. I registered for a neat sounding Spring Equinox online free event. I’m also looking forward to hosting a small drum circle at our house this weekend. And, don’t forget to check out all the lovely offerings in the upcoming Red Tent fundraiser auction to be held on the Spring Equinox as well: Auction Special…..see what’s on offer! – Moon Times Moon Blog.

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Saturday Sabbath: Song from the Mother


(c) Jaine Rose. Reprinted with permission.

Today, we were gone all day at one of our work parties with friends. While I didn’t actually take a full digital sabbatical, it made sense to me to switch my “sabbath” day post/thoughts around and share those today and then share my end-of-the-31-day woodspriestess blogging experience tomorrow. I’ve been saving this gorgeous picture and lovely Mother Song to post (reprinted with permission from the artist) and the time finally has arrived!

I also read these two fabulous quotes:

“Whoever you are
whatever you are
start with that,
whether salt of the earth
or only white sugar.”
–Alice Walker (in Open Mind)


“Let it be clear that when I say Goddess I am not talking about a being somewhere outside of this world, nor am I proposing a new belief system. I’m talking about choosing an attitude; choosing to take this living world, the people and creatures on it, as the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, to see the world, the Earth, and our lives as sacred.” –Starhawk (in Open Mind)

And, on my extremely brief visit to the woods this morning, I took a picture of the rock I think of as the “yoni stone.”


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