Day 29: Flowers appearing on the earth (#30daysofspring)

Listen 12983343_1727956937416521_4785497175588520928_o
I dance within the web of life
I will tell you of the Wild
Of land, sea, and sky
The magic of the everyday
I speak of ancient oaks
Sacred groves
And an endless current of mystery.

Oh my heart! Our lilac by the garage is beautiful this year. It has had a hard life and usually ends up losing most flowers to frost before blooming. But, this year!

12931105_10209282533250364_682342399724750129_nThe dogwoods are also in full bloom. I love them too.

The free Earthprayer class begins tomorrow!

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One thought on “Day 29: Flowers appearing on the earth (#30daysofspring)

  1. Beautiful poem Molly…

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