Day 4: Signs of Spring (#30daysofspring)

“Our fiery star leaps up onto the ridgeMarch 2016 033
throwing the glow of life all over everything
giving us one more chance to leap
from everyday mind into the wonder of being!
Leap into this very day
where there are a thousand ways to know love
and Spring is a promise that will be kept.”

–Cathy Casper (We’Moon on the Wall calendar)

Operation Soul Restoration & Replenishment Day 1 successful! Went out and discovered all these wonders: the “ephemeral pool” in our field alive with a chorus of frog song from the peepers, buds on the wild plums, beginning blooms on the newly planted apple trees, and a baby who loves the wild.

March 2016 122

(He’s pointing up because he thought the peepers were birds! This post is actually from March 12.)

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