Darkly, Richly

February 2016 013“…Look at me
I am not a separate
I am a continuance
of blue sky
I am the throat
of the Sandia Mountains
A night wind woman
who burns
with every breath
she takes.”

–Joy Harjo in Open Mind

The line about the night wind woman captivated me when I first read it and it still does. I’m not sure why. I’m not entirely sure what a “night wind woman” is, but I think I am one. I used the line in the poem I open the Womanrunes book with as well, originally writing it to go with the Crescent Moon rune.

Coincidentally, right at the same time we hit the “night wind” quote in the Womanspirit mini class, we have a new Crescent Moon/New Moon layout available on our site: Crescent Moon Layout for the New Moon!

I am getting ready for a trip and having trouble allowing myself the space for self-care and rest, so I need a little reminder to spend some time in the dark and rich during this new moon cycle.

This week, I was working on some materials for my upcoming priestess class and I found another quote I had saved that connects to all these themes:

“Invite the inner woman to speak in her language of poetry, bones, clouds, dreams, red shoes, fairy dust, ravens, and fissures of the heartland. She who dwells in the wild within will help to navigate the cliffs and valleys. She will show you the passage through – give you eyes to see in the dark. And then, when you are able, she will give you wings to fly out from that both nurturing and devastating abyss into divine light.”

–Shiloh Sophia McCloud

February 2016 124

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2 thoughts on “Darkly, Richly

  1. Lene Elvenyard

    Dear Molly We want to make a personal note and thank you for Womanrunes and all the information and inspiration you share through your blog – and for Brighids Grove. We hope you will enjoy this letter which is send to women artists, writers, singer and teaches all over the World. We wish you all the best on your path of Beauty! Lene Elvenyard

    [image: Billede indsat i tekst 1]

    Dear Women

    We write to you as two local Danish members of the global movement Treesisters (www.treesisters.org ), and hope this letter will inspire you to visit the homepage of Treesisters and do what you can to make the vision of Treesisters come true.

    *The vision of Treesisters is: to reforest the tropics within 10 years and inspire feminine nature-based leadership*

    We have contacted you because we know you love the Earth and we honor and are grateful for the writings, art, music and/or teachings you have made through the years, inspiring all of us to wake up to our responsibility for this Earth Home that we share with each other and all other life forms here. Thank you! You are in touch with many women (and men) and thus in a position where you are able to make Treesisters known to a large group of people all over the world.

    Treesisters was given to Clare Dakin in a car crash with a tree in November 2009. She was told she was called to found Treesisters and all the basic details of the project were given. Among other things it was said:

    *”Women are the missing piece…….Women need to come together, remember who and what they are, reconnect to the cycles of life and help restore balance in the world – or it’s over. The pattern of taking all the time need to be balanced with giving back through trees. You need to reforest the tropics within 10 years. This you can do by all of you giving some money every month to crowd fund reforestation…..*

    You can learn much more about Treesisters, donate, and be a part of the movement on http://www.treesisters.org

    We beg you from our heart to join and help make Treesisters known to all you know and those who follow you, e.g. on facebook.

    May we all continue to grow in Knowledge, Wisdom, Love and Beauty!

    Signe Urdskilde and Lene Elvenyard

    [image: Billede indsat i tekst 2]

    2016-02-14 2:39 GMT+01:00 WoodsPriestess :

    > Molly posted: ““…Look at me I am not a separate woman I am a continuance > of blue sky I am the throat of the Sandia Mountains A night wind woman who > burns with every breath she takes.” –Joy Harjo in Open Mind The line about > the night wind woman captivated m” >

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