Day 10: The Sun Card (#30DaysofYule)

I’ve had a lot of thoughts about the last three days of prompts for 30 Days of Yule, but I’ve been mired down in end-of-session grading and didn’t get a chance to write anything out. I love teaching, but I do not like grading at all! It is extraordinarily energetically depleting and I feel physically drained by it–like I’ve given away something of myself or used up some kind of energy reserve that I then have to recover from (like I’ve been sick).

Anyway, Sun cards! The Womanrunes deck has two sun-themed cards: The Sun (rune of healing) and The Sun & Moon (rune of laughter). The Sun & Moon was the last symbol I wrote about for the book (which is why it appears on the center of the cover goddess) and I have a special connection to it. It is one of the “cosmic wink” cards for me that lets me know I’m on the right path. Even though I was planning to take a picture of the two Suns tonight for the 30 Days prompt, I decided to draw a card randomly first and guess what I got? Yep…The Sun and Moon. Cosmic wink! 😉

Side note: despite all of the grading and other tasks (like obtaining new health insurance), I have managed to keep up with #30daysofdissertation. I’ve been editing and cutting out content each day (haven’t missed one this month!), but it isn’t interesting for me to write blog posts about!

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