Day 5: Children of Wonder (#30daysofYule + #30daysofdissertation) 

IMG_9809She who cannot be contained.
She who knows no end.
She who holds all things.

Behold that which is new and ever-changing.
Behold that which is ancient and unyielding.
Behold that which is meant for you and that which is meant from you. Behold the tapestry of life being woven before you.
Receive her kiss.
Feel her embrace.
And walk in peace and prayer.

I’ve had a realization recently as I continue to add notes from books, transcribe recordings, and ask questions in my research group, that if I truly want to finish this dissertation soon, I have to stop adding content and start what feels like the hardest and most overwhelming part: deleting repetitive sections, editing, moving, rearranging, creating a cohesive flow and structure, wrestling (or massaging) the many parts into something complete and complex. I also realized that it is okay to not be done yet. This is a rich area for exploration, personally, professionally, spiritually, and academically. It continues to evolve and deepen and grow and it feels almost scary it is so big.

We’ve been doing some experiments with color lately to communicate ideas. This quartet is about the winter season–the wisdom of shadow, the promise of light.

December 2015 024I also realized as I’ve been reading Joanna’s 30 Days of Yule messages that our Centered Mama sculpture would make a perfect Black Madonna for this time of year, so my husband cast her in black for me. She now sits by my computer as I type in my new temple space, reminding me of restoration, peace, and contemplation.

IMG_9789Two inspiring works based on the Black Madonnas scattered throughout the world:

Cantos 20: Pouring out my heart to the Black Madonna | | Shiloh Sophia Studios

New Art: Dark Madonna & Daughter


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