Day 15: Dreams (#30daysofHecate)

Last night, I dreamed I was in a “house of fairies.” It was sort of a eerie, trap-of-a-house, full of illusions and misdirections and creepy movements out of the corners of my eyes. I was trying to keep my children calm and also was laying out tarot and Womanrunes  cards to read on a bed, while waiting for my husband to come back. He’d forgotten something outside the house and had to go back to get it before we could continue moving through. He left his shoes with us and it took him an hour to get from the front door of the house back to the middle of the house where we were. We had been walking through a forest and to continue on our path we had to pass through the house of fairies and emerge out the other side. Darkness began to fall before he returned, the grandfather clock was chiming, and we were increasingly nervous because we knew the mischief would only increase…

(*red goddess picture has nothing to do with my creepy house of fairies dream, but is instead a large order we shipped out today, which will support the dreams of many other women.)

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