Day 17: Scars (#30DaysofHarvest)

where I find them
the old wounds
the old misdirections
and I lift them
one by one
close to my heart
and I say


— Pesha Joyce Gertler


Creating goddess art that attempts to communicate an experience for another feels like a sacred trust. We have several designs that honor women’s scars. And, their courage. 
(Side note: whenever I type “scared” or “scar” or “scarred,” it always comes out as “sacred” first and I have to correct it. Or, do I?)

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3 thoughts on “Day 17: Scars (#30DaysofHarvest)

  1. Heartfelt gratitude, Molly for your sacred space on this site! I am truly learning from this. I am a student of Women’s Studies but have rested for a while (I guess we all need to rest at some high point in one’s life!). My interests have been Feminist Spirituality, the Sacred Feminine, The Divine Mother. I have been returning to my roots as Filipina-Asian, and in the process, discovered the “Babaylan” the Priestess of pre-colonized(pre-Spanish) Philippines.

    I am a teacher of Alternative Education, teaching returning Out-Of-School youth and adults (taxi drivers, bar girls, single mothers, househelps) all trying to catch up with what’s left of their elementary or high school days in the past. Your wisdom today about “scars” so touched me, as I am journeying with these wounded and scarred people (yes, sacred people!).

    Thanks very very much! Goddess lights your path…

    Weena Meily

  2. loenaaraya

    I love the way you combine scarred with sacred. Aren’t we all just sacred in our scars? ❤

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