Day 7: Gratitude for the Harvest (#30DaysofHarvest)

Had a moment of “gratitude for the harvest” today as I was driving home from class. I was feeling tight and stressed about my to-do list and fretting over how hard it feels to get home from being out of town and immediately have to launch into a million other things (like grading papers). Then, I thought: hang on. What a stressful life I have…traveling to a goddess festival to sell our handmade goddess art to interesting goddess women. Making our living with this art. Writing books and teaching about topics I love. Doing original research. Having “too many” good ideas for classes and projects. Spending my days with my family. Woe is me! The stress!

While I don’t discount the fact that even beautiful and fulfilling projects and activities can register in the body as stress, I had to laugh at myself. Perspective. 

I honour the beginning of the storytime of the year —
as the spring and summer are for living the stories,

the fall and winter is for the telling of our stories…

–Kat Robb

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