A Solstice Blessing

May you have a warm heart, December 2014 093
open hands,
a creative mind.

May you experience inspiration and brilliance,
clarity and focus.
May you laugh richly and deeply.

May you circle and celebrate,
may you change and grow

May that which is waiting to be unlocked
be freed.

And may you soar with the knowing
that you are carried by a great wind across the sky.

Just a quick post to share some pictures from our family solstice celebration last night (mouse over or click for captions). We didn’t do everything I had planned and trying to have a ceremony that includes children can be a chaotic, frustrating, and wild experience (separate blog post about this on another day!), but I enjoy our traditions and I’m pretty sure it is worth it…

Bright blessings of the season to you!

December 2014 075

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3 thoughts on “A Solstice Blessing

  1. Kate Wolf

    Lovely! I think it’s wonderful that you can make the time to be so creative, with a children and a baby!

  2. This just feels so blessed and filled with light. I love all your statues. Bright blessings to you this coming year.

  3. Reblogged this on ninonickromano and commented:
    A few – eight days – past the deep darkness with the Sun Smiling midstthe Darkness. All Blessing all! Hail the Yule Season!
    – Nickola

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